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Himachal GK

Himachal GK

Q-1 In which year first central college opened in H.P ?
(a) 1948 (b) 1950
(c) 1980 (d) None

Q-2 In Which District of Himachal the first central college was open .
(a) Una (b) Kangra
(c) Shimla (d) None

Q-3 In which year Bishop cotton School was opened?
(a) 1865 (b) 1863
(c) 1868 (d) None

Q-4 REC (Regional Engineering College) is in---------District?
(a) Hamirpur (b) Una
(c) Chamba (d) None

Q-5 In which year Himachal Pardesh Agriculture University established ?
(a) 1963 (b) 1961
(c) 1965 (d) None

Q-6 Dr.Y.S.Parmar university is in---------District?
(a) Una (b) Solan
(c) Shimla (d) None

Q-7 Dr.Y.S.Parmar university was established in----------
(a) 1965 (b) 1985
(c) 1968 (d) None

Q-8 Kinnauri language is spoken in which area ------------
(a) Kinnaur (b) Chamba
(c) Una (d) None

Q-9 Malana Nala is in----------District?
(a) Shimla (b) Kullu
(c) Chamba (d) None

Q-10 Lunkhari Khad is in ---------District?
(a) Una (b) Chamba
(c) Shimla (d) None

Q-11 What is total catchments area of Bhakra Dam in Himachal?
(a) 200Sq km. (b) 20000 Sq km.
(c) 300 sq km (d) None

Q-12 What is Altitude of Taintu ka Jot?
(a) 5600m (b) 5000m
(c) 4000m (d) None

Q-13 What is Altitude of Rangchi Galu?
(a) 1400m (b) 4550m
(c) 4900 (d) None

Q-14 Who built Ranikot fort in suket?
(a) Sidh sen (b) Hira Chand
(c) Sebant Sen (d) None

Q-15 Who is founder of Jubbal city?
(a) Rana Teg Chand (b) Rana Bir
(c) A&B (d) None

Q-16 Who is founder of Sapatu?
(a) Britishers (b) Ajber Sen
(c) Sahil Verma (d) None

Q-17 Taragarh, which is famous for Taragarh fort is in --------District?
(a) Una (b) Chamba
(c) Shimla (d) None

Q-18 Chail is famous due to ---------
(a) Highest water fall (b) Highest cricket ground
(c) Highest Bridge (d) None

Q-19 Kandror bridge is constructed over -----------river?
(a) Sutluj (b) Ravi
(c) Beas (d) None

Q-20 Which is smallest district in term of population?
(a) Hamirpur (b) Lahul Spiti
(c) Una (d) None

Q-21 How many villages are there in Kangra?
(a) 3869 (b) 3400
(c) 4000 (d) None

Q-22 Which districts have highest no. of populate village?
(a) Una (b) Kangra
(c) Chamba (d) None

Q-23 Bhakra Dam is in ---------
(a) Una (b) Bilaspur
(c) Chamba (d) None

Q-24 What is the height of Bhakra Dam?
(a) 220m (b) 226m
(c) 400m (d) None
Q-25 Which is largest fish farm in Asia?
(a) Dayoli (b) Ranigarh
(c) A and B (d) None


1 (a) 1948
2 (c) Shimla
3 (b) 1863
4 (a) Hamirpur
5 (b) 1961
6 (b) Solan
7 (b) 1985
8 (a) Kinnaur
9 (b) Kullu
10 (a) Una
11 (b) 20000 Sq km.
12 (b) 5000m
13 (b) 4550m
14 (c) Sebant Sen
15 (a) Rana Teg Chand
16 (a) Britishers
17 (b) Chamba
18 (b) Highest cricket ground
19 (a) Sutluj
20 (b) Lahaul Spiti
21 (a) 3869
22 (b) Kangra
23 (b) Bilaspur
24 (b) 226m
25 (a) Dayoli