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General Knowledge - Abbreviation - Part-4

General Knowledge - Abbreviation - Part-4

NPC            :         National Productivity council
NPT            :         Nuclear non proliferation Treaty
NREGA     :         National rural Employment Guarantee act
NSA           :         National security advisor
NSUI          :         National student Union of India
NTPC        :         National Thermal  power corporation
OAS           :         Organization of American states
OBC           :         Other Backward class
OIC             :         Organisation of Islamic Conference
OK              :         All correct
ONGC        :         Oil & Natural Gas Commission
OPEC        :         Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Country
OPV           :         Oral Polio Vaccine
OSCAR     :         Orbiting satellite carrying Amateur radio
Oxon          :         Oxford University
OIL             :         Oil India Limited
OIGS          :         On Indian Government service
PA              :         Personnel Assistant
PAYE         :         Pay as you earn
p.c              :         post card
PAN           :         Permanent Account Number
PIB             :         Press Information Bureau
p.c              :         percent
PDS           :         public distribution system
PETA         :         people for ethical treatment of  Animals
Ph.D           :         Doctor of philosophy
PII               :         Press  institute of India
POTA        :         Prevention of terrorism act
PSB          :         public sector bank
PSLV        :         polar satellite launch vehicle
PTI             :         press trust of India
PTO           :         please turn over
QED           :         Quod erat demonstrandum
QR              :         quantitative restriction
RADAR      :         Radio Detecting & ranging
RCC           :         Reinforced Concrete Cement
REM           :         Rapid eye movement
RLO            :         Returned letter office
RNA           :         Ribonucleic acid
RSS           :         Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh
RTI             :         Right to information
SASE        :         self addressed stamped envelope
SAPTA     :         south Asian preferential trade agreement

SASER    :         sound amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
SCI            :               shipping corporation of India
SEZ           :               special economic zone
SIM            :               subscriber information module
SITE          :               Satellite instructional television                                        experiment
SLV           :               Satellite Launch vehicle
SMS          :               Short message services
SOLAS      :               safety of life at sea
START       :               satellite arms reduction talks
STC            :               state trading corporation
STD            :               subscriber trunk dialing
STP            :               software technology park
T& D           :               transmission & distribution
TA               :               territorial army
TADA         :               Terrorist & Disruptive activity act
TAFE          :               tractor & Farm equipment limited
TAPS          :               Tarapur Atomic power station
TB                :               Tuberculosis
TCP             :               Transmission control protocol
TDA             :               Trade development authority
TERLS        :               Thumba equatorial rocket launching station
TFT              :               thin film transistor
TIFR             :               Tata Institute of fundamental research
TISCO         :               Tata iron & steel company
TLC             :               total literacy campaign
TPM            :               Total productivity maintenance
TRIPS         :               trade related intellectual property right
TSE            :               test of spoken English
TTC            :               tracking & command
UCI             :               Universal childhood Immunization
UCR           :               Under colour removal
UGC           :               University Grant Commission
UNCTAD   :               United nation conference on trade & development
UNESCO   :               United nation educational scientific & cultural organization
UNI             :               United News of India
UPA           :               United Progressive alliance
UPS           :               uninterrupted power supply
UPSC        :               union public service commission
VAN           :               Virtual area Network
VAT           :               value added tax

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General Knowledge - Punjab

 General Knowledge - Punjab

                    Punjab located in the North West of India. There is Jammu and Kashmir in the North. There are Haryana and Rajasthan in the South. There is Himachal Pradesh in the East. It is the Border States of India. In the West there is Pakistan and Ravi and Satluj separate it from Pakistan.

History Of The Punjab:
The word “Punjab’ is combined from two Persian words ‘Panj’ and ‘Aab’. Punjab was called a land of five rivers- Ravi, Beas, Satluj, Jhelum and Chenab. This area was known as ‘Sapta Sindhu’ The language of Punjab is Punjabi. In its development Sikh faith played very important role. First Sikh Guru Nanak Dev ji founded the new religious order. It was followed by nine Gurus:

          Name                             Father                           Span of Gurgaddi
1. Guru Nanak Dev ji               Mehta Kalu ji                           1469 – 1539
2. Guru Angad Dev ji              Pheru Mal ji                              1539 – 1552
3. Guru Amar Das ji               Ted Bhan ji                               1552 – 1574
4. Guru Ram Das ji                Har Das ji                                  1574 – 1581
5. Guru Arjun Dev ji              Guru Ram Das ji                        1581 – 1606
6. Guru Hargobind ji             Guru Arjun Dev ji                       1606 – 1644
7. Guru Har Rai ji                  Baba Gurditta ji                         1644 – 1661
8. Guru Har Krishan ji           Guru Har Rai ji                          1661 – 1664
9. Guru Teg Bahadur ji          Guru Hargobind ji                     1664 – 1675
10. Guru Gobind Singh ji       Guru Teg Bahadur ji                 1675 – 1708

Divisions of Punjab:     In the State for administrative purpose there are four divisions in Punjab:

1. Ferozepur                  
2. Jalandhar                   
3. Patiala              
4. Faridkot

There are 22 Districts in Punjab
1. Amritsar                              
2. Bhatinda                    
3. Faridkot
4. Fatehgarh Sahib                            
5. Ferozepur                            
6. Gurdaspur
7. Hoshiarpur                                   
8. Jalandhar                            
9. Kapurthala
10. Ludhiana                                     
11. Mansa                      
12. Moga             
13. Muktsar                                      
14. Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar        
15. Patiala
16. Roopnangar                     
17. Sangrur                    
18. Barnala
19. Mohali                              
20. Tarantarn                          
22. Pathankot

(1) The biggest district in the state area wise is Ferozepur.
(2) The smallest district in the state area wise is Fatehgarh Sahib.
(3) The district having maximum population in the state is Amritsar.
(4) The smallest district population wise is Faridkot.

Universities:         (1) Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar
                             (2) Punjabi Universities, Patiala
                             (3) Punjab University, Chandigarh
                             (4) Punjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana
                             (5) Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar
                             (6) Baba Farid University of Medical Science, Faridkot.

Tourist Centers:
(1) Ropar:            It is the centre of Indus Civilization
(2) Amritsar:        The City of Golden Temple, Jallian Walla Bagh, Guru Nanak Dev   
(3) Bhatinda:        Ancient Fort
(4) Faridkot:        Religious Place of Sufi Saint Baba Farid.
(5) Patiala:           The City of Gardens, Punjabi University
(6) Chandigarh:    Rose Garden, Sukhna Lake, Rock Garden, Art Gallery, Punjab    
(7) Anandpur Sahib:      Historical place of the birth of the Khalsa.

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General Knowledge : Abbreviation - Part - 3

General Knowledge :  Abbreviation - Part - 3

JCO        :               Junior commissioned officer
JEE         :               Joint entrance examination
JPEG      :               Joint photographic Expert Group
KMT      :               Kuomintang( Chinese national party)
KRC       :               konkan railway corporation
KYC       :               know your customer
LASER :               Light Amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
LCA       :               Light Combat Aircraft
Litt.D      :               Doctor of literature
LIC         :               life insurance corporation 
LLB        :               Bachelor of law
LL.D       :               Doctor of laws
LL.M      :               Master of Laws
Lt.           :               Lieutenant
Lt.Col.    :               Lieutenant  colonel
LTTE     :               Liberation Tigers Tamil Ealem
LCD       :               Liquid Crystal Display
LCM      :               Lowest Common Multiple
LeT         :               Lashkar – e – Taiba
LIS         :               Land Information System
LPG        :               Liquified Petrolium Gas
M.A        :               Master of arts
M.D        :               Doctor of Medicine
MACT   :               Motor accident claims tribunal act
MARS    :               Mumbai Amateur Radio Society
MASER :               Microwave Amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
MBA      :               Master of Business Administration
MBBS    :               Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of  Surgery
MCC      :               Marylebone Cricket Club
MC         :               Member of Council
MBE      :               Member of British Empire
MCI       :               Medical Council Of India
MFN       :               Most Favoured Nation
 MIN      :               Mutual Fund Identification Number
Misc.      :               Miscellaneous
MKS      :               Meter Kilogram Second
MI          :               Millitary  Intelligence
MLA      :               Member of legislative assembly
MNC      :               Multi - national  corporation
MoU       :               Memorandum of understanding
MPEG   :               Motion Picture Experts Group
mph       :               miles per hour
MRCP  :               Member of Royal College of Physician
MT        :               Metric Tones
MVC    :               Maha vir Chakra
M.Sc    :               Master of Science
MSS    :               Manuscripts
NAA    :               National Airport Authority
NAAC :               National Assessment and accreditation Council
NAC    :               National Advisory Council
NABARD :          National Bank for agriculture and rural Development
NAFTA     :          North Atlantic Free trade  agreement
NALCO    :          National  Aluminum company limited
NASA       :          National Aeronautics & space  administration
NASDAQ  :         National association of  securities dealers automated quotation
NASSCOM   :     National Association of software & service company
NATO            :     North Atlantic treaty organization
NBE             :      National Board of Examination
NBOT          :      National Boat of trade
NBW           :       Non Bail able warrant
NC              :       Network Computer
NCC           :       National Cadet corps
NCERT      :       National council of educational research & training
NCI             :       Nursing Council of India
NCO           :       Non commissioned officer
NDA           :       National Defence Academy
NDC          :        National development Council
NICD         :        National institute of communicable disease
NIV            :         National Institute of Virology
NMR         :          Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
NOC        :           No objection Certificate
NPA        :           Non performing assets

MP         :           Member of Parliament

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General Knowledge - Science - Part - 2

General Knowledge - Science - Part - 2

First in Space

First creator of rules regarding Space research       Isaac Newton
First artificial satellite launched in space      - Sputnik-1 (1957)
First living being sent in space                      - Louika(a dog)

First ever manned spacecraft                       - Vostok-1
First man in space                                         -  Yuri Gagarin U.S.S.R. 1961
First woman in space                                    - Valentina Tereshkova U.S. S. R.(June 1963)
First man who moved in space                   - Alexi Livonov U.S. S.R. (June 1965)
  out of the spacecraft                                                           
First person to land on moon                      - Neil Armstrong, America 21st Jul.1969.
First four wheeled carriage                        - Leunokhev-1  U.S.S.R
Without human being on moon                  - 1970
First space lab in orbit                               - Skylab(America,1973)
First space shuttle                                     - Columbia (America,1981)
First Indian(man) in space                        - Squadron leader -Rakesh Sharma (13 April, 1984)
First Indian(woman) in space                  -   Kalapna Chawla (19th Nov., 1997)
First American woman in space              -  Sailyride (1983)
First spacecraft on Mars                          -  Pathfinder (6 July, 1997)
First woman who lead spacecraft           -  Allin Collis (America)
First spacecraft without man                    - Shenzoo, China (20th Nov. 1999)

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General Knowledge :- Science

          General Knowledge :- Science 
                 Branches of science

1-    Anatomy       :        The Science dealing with the structure of animals, plants or human body
2-    Acoustics     :        The study of sound.
3-    Astrology      :        The science that deals with the Influence of heavenly bodies on human                                              affairs.
4-      Aeronautics  :       Study of fight.
5-      Chronology   :       The science of arranging time in periods and ascertaining the dates                                        and historical order of past events.
6-      Ecology         :       The study of the relation of animals and plants to their surrounding                                             animates and inanimate.
7-      Entomology   :      The study of insects .
8-      Horticulture    :      The science dealing with cultivation of flowers, fruits, vegetables and                                         ornamental plants.
9-      Mycology       :       The study of fungi and fungus diseases.
10-  Ornithology     :      The study of birds.
11-  Philology         :      The study of written record (any languages ) and their authenticity etc .

Scientific Instruments  

1-      Barometer      :  Used for measuring the atmospheric Pressure.
2-      Audiometer    :  Used for measuring intensity of sound.
3-      Hygrometer    :  Used for measuring humidity in air .

Vitamin and Diet Deficiency 

Vitamin                                Disease                                Sources                      
Vitamin A                              Night Blindness                   Carrot, Milk, Eggs, Papaya
Vitamin B                              Beriberi                                 Pulses, Eggs, Groundnut
Vitamin B2                            Celosias                                Liver, Milk, Meat
Vitamin B6                            Anemia                                  Liver, Milk, Meat

Vitamin B7                            Pellagra                                 Fish, Eggs.
Vitamin B12                          Bloodlessness                      Liver, Eggs
Vitamin C                             Scurvy                                    Orange, Tomato, Lemon
Vitamin D                             Rickets                                  Sunlight, Eggs, Butter, Fish, Oil
 Vitamin E                            Sterility                                   Green vegetable, Milk, Liver
Vitamin K                             Delay in Blood Clotting        Green Vegetable
Diseases and the parts of Body they Affect  

Disease                                                     Parts of Body affected         
Cataract                                                     Eyes
Diabetes                                                    Pancreas
Diphtheria                                                  Throat
Glaucoma                                                  Eyes
Goiter                                                         Front of the neck(due to enlargement of Thyroid gland)
Jaundice                                                    Liver
Polio                                                           Molar neurons
Typhoid                                                      Intestine
Malaria                                                       Spleen
Leukemia                                                   Blood
Rickets                                                       Bones

Atomic Energy And Space Research

Atomic Energy: Atomic Energy commission (AEC) was set up in August 1948. it is responsible for the application of atomic energy in India for peaceful purposes at tomboy near Bombay (Maharashtra ) there are :- 

(a) Bhabha Atomic research centre (BARC) and 
(b) six nuclear research reactors named as :- 

(i) Apsara 
(ii) cirrus 
(iii) Zerlina 
(iv) Purnima I 
(v) Purnima II 
(vi) Dhruva    :     Dhruva is the country’s biggest research reactor. 

There are seven Nuclear Power stations:

(i)   Kalpakkam near Chennai (Tamil Nadu)
(ii)  Rawatbhata  (Rajasthan)
(iii) Tarapur (Maharashtra)
(iv)  Narora , Bulandshahar (U.P.) 
(v)   Kakrapar (Gujarat). 
(vi)  Kaiga (Karnataka) 
(vii) Kudankulam (Tamilnadu).

Atomic Blast By India :-  On May 18, 1974 India carried out an underground “ peaceful nuclear explosion experiment” at Pokhran (Rajasthan) at 8.05 a.m. at a depth of more than 100 meters and thus she became the world’s sixth nuclear power  :  The first five being USA, Russia, UK, France  and China.

Space Research: -  In June 1972, Space Commission was setup. The Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station (TERLS) in Kerala was dedicated to the U.N.O. in February 1968. The satellite Launching Station has been established at Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh.

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